RDC Landscapes - Welcoming a Show

From Cornwall to Chelsea... (4)

Press are poised, shirts are ironed and participants are suitably nervous. After 18 months of design and 3 weeks of hard, but rewarding construction work, we have excavated, pumped, levelled, painted and planted all to get the space in perfect condition for show time.

RDC Landscapes - Planting a Vision

From Cornwall to Chelsea... (3)

With just 19 days allowed to construct show gardens, along with the superb soundwave and striking pavilion, a third key element in our entry this year is the planting. While it may sound obvious to include plants in a show garden, choice and location are critical.

RDC Landscapes - Riding a Wave

From Cornwall to Chelsea... (2)

It is probably inevitable any garden taking inspiration from Cornwall would include a nod to its waves and the Spirit Of Cornwall does just that. Though maybe not the waves you might be expecting. We are excited to reveal more about the features our garden will boast in 2018.

RDC Landscapes - Creating a Winner

From Cornwall to Chelsea... (1)

We are delighted to be working with Stuart Towner on an incredible entry for RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018. Sponsored by VTB Capital plc, The Spirit Of Cornwall show garden takes its inspiration from the work of Barbara Hepworth along with the music of Leo Geyer.

RDC Landscapes - Growing Positivity

Growing Positivity

The practice of mindfulness has been growing in popularity and this year it is set to enter the outdoor space arena. Whilst gardens have long been places to find peace, with the help of mindfulness they can now be designed to grow positivity as well as plants.