Trees for Cities

Edible Playgrounds transform outdoor spaces in school grounds into green growing spaces, giving children the opportunity to grow, harvest and eat healthy food.

The edible playgrounds tackle the problems of obesity, food poverty and lack of access to nature head on – with the kids themselves getting their hands dirty and learning as they have fun.

Working with horticulturalist and Trees for Cities patron, Chris Collins, we were commissioned to build and were able to help share our experiences and hopefully inspire future gardeners in the process.

South London Maudsley Hospital in London (SLaM) wanted to create a gardening space for two of its wards that provide care and treatment for men with severe mental illnesses that is both safe and accessible to patients.

Working with Trees for Cities and Chris Collins, we helped to build raised beds for growing fruit and vegetables, as well as planting apple trees, thornless blackberry bushes and hydrangeas providing privacy for the garden.

A seating area offers patients space to relax and socialise and the garden offers the chance for patients to work together in the garden, while staff will use the space for yoga and meditation sessions.

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