From Cornwall to Chelsea - Creating a Winner?

RHS Chelsea Flower Show - the pinnacle of horticultural greatness. Stuart Charles Towner - award-winning garden designer. RDC Landscapes - creators of beautiful bespoke spaces. Surely all three together must be a gold-winning combination?

We sincerely believe so as we proudly announce our latest project – The Spirit of Cornwall.

RDC Landscapes - The Spirit of Cornwall

We are delighted to be working with Stuart Towner again on this incredible entry for RHS Chelsea 2018. The Spirit of Cornwall show garden takes its inspiration from the work of renowned sculptor and Cornish resident Barbara Hepworth along with the music of composer Leo Geyer.

Perfectly defining Towner’s style of designing spaces that “embrace the past, live in the present and look to the future”, the garden combines rich planting, concrete, steel and water to reflect the heritage of Hepworth and unique Cornwall climate in a contemporary setting.

A meeting of diverse minds, the space is the result of a project involving garden designers, architects, a composer and a sculptor – and is all the better for it. Towner describes the wide collaboration as one of the most challenging and exciting factors, with the end product something which could never have been achieved by any one person individually.

Expect sub-tropical planting and even a soundwave surrounding a pavilion designed to inspire and invite in this multi-sensory space. We bring you a garden conceived to celebrate a sculptor, a composer and a county – all built with our high quality and care.

As the countdown begins, join us on the road as we journey from Cornwall to Chelsea and hope for gold...